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whether or not you choose me

Widespread interest in reading: reading a lot of management classes, medical classes, psychology classes, philosophy books.
? I have a good theoretical knowledge base and thinking skills, but practical skills in the business lack of exercise and look forward to something, eager to be their own knowledge into productivity.
Personal integrity, this is a quality person should have a quality, rather than an advantage. Implementation of strong, very good to complete the tasks they undertake. With high-strength the ability to work under pressure, with a strong empathy, accurate insight into the personality characteristics and needs of others. ?
English: English BEC Higher (B2), CET-4, good reading and translation capabilities, fluent spoken.
? IT skills: Department of Medicine, Wuhan University has served as the network administrator for three years, skilled WORD, EXCEL, PPT and other operations.Dear leaders: hello! I'm glad you taking the time to view my resume I graduated from Hunan Normal University, my work has been almost four years. Working and learning in the process of my savings to the following experience and ability, show below list:
English has some ability to read and write.
Computer graphics software for all kinds of familiar, such as AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP. And office software.
Proficient in computer maintenance, network maintenance.
In July 2003, Foshan Sunrise candidates to do PE electrical technician, due to excellent results. Upgraded to electronic engineers and R & D PE staff circuit debugging and improvement.
In January 2006, applicants to the computer factory in Shunde, Foshan London to do PE engineers, product management, manufacturing systems as the SUN and the person in charge of quality control, technical support and server manufacturers and is responsible for quality control.
Whom history never stop, and history has recorded the story of hundreds of thousands who came, I think all a happy, motivated by the pursuit of history will eventually be affirmed. In today's society is full of competition,Amazing Wedding Color Details whether or not you choose me, A French Modern WeddingI wish your company's business was flourishingAlthough only fresh raw, there is not much work experience, but my advantage is the ability to learn, flexible thinking, not only in schools actively involved in the planning of activities and the use of winter and summer vacations and other leisure time in China Mobile to do part-timeWedding Cakes Galore , their own toys and trinkets businesses. In this way, let yourself have a certain income, more importantly, to their own gain some market experience. Top Style Details From Real Wedding

several independent or participate in planning large-scale news

I have practical experience in the banking, some banks to understand the knowledge and working environment. I am a prudent and realistic people, with attentive nature and ability to efficiently, the atmosphere for the development of the bank, and has strong communication skillsI am 35 years old, is China's first marketing professional students, since 1996, manufacturers in the automotive industry in sales for 15 years, has a market and dealer management experience, changes in market dynamics and a strong sensitivity of has a strong regional market and analysis capabilities to identify, from the first line sales growth to senior management, through superior Li Lian.
Cheerful, outgoing, team organizational skills, capable of working hardship, hoping to become a member of your company, marketing your company to contribute their capabilities. Takes on Wedding Cakes
Thank you for your attention!Newspaper reporter a year and a half of experience, with sensitive information, a good basis for his writing and communication, and coordination; to lead three teams, responsible for part of the normal operation of the two newspapers.
Analytical thinking, problem solving, several independent or participate in planning large-scale news.
Strong sense of responsibility, the implementation of strong, good communication skills, willing to share, to calmly deal with stress.Plan a Wedding Ceremony
Read the large, fast, good memory, Shan Yuzhua focus.1 I am good at working in team work, planning, Decorating Your Reception Table and achieve their goals, and another strong analytical skills to deal with things when you know the priorities, priorities. Able to adapt to fast-paced work with a strong hands-on experience and practical ability to work independently.
(2) optimistic, cheerful personality, a man part, strong principles, prudent, with more calm personality. Their job seriously, often get the praise of the leadership!
Professional skills and expertise
1 I have six words by the University, http://www.hitportal.orgwith excellent English listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and other integrated capabilities.
2 International Trade practice to http://www.drumforum.orgmaster a solid theoretical knowledge, understanding of international trade procedures, business correspondence writing and some good production of documents.
3 are proficient OFFICE software and WORD, EXCEL, PHOTO SHOP, POWERPOINT, CORELDRAW, ILLUSTRATOR a variety of daily office work, such as publishing, spreadsheets and so on.
4 but also in Japanese, Cantonese, some simple daily conversation. Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

By learning in school I deeply appreciate the meaning of theory to guide practice

Hello, my name is Jing Xu, Liaoning University of Technology School of Information Technology International Economics and Trade 09 graduates, four years of college education, my training has become a sincere and friendly people, the courage to take responsibility, with a strong environmental adaptability, optimistic and positive approach to life, with hard-working spirit of youth. Collective interests can unite the students, love of labor. I work hard at learning, the school has won the scholarship. As a student of international trade, I know the importance of English, so I have been learning in English to high standards. Through their own efforts, in the junior year through the CET exam. Senior in the first half by the CET.
Along with college life, I not only learned the books of knowledge, I have gradually grasp the human interaction and communication skills, learn how to put themselves in a harmonious interpersonal relationships. By learning in school I deeply appreciate the meaning of theory to guide practice, and indeed to this criterion demands on themselves. Learning and positive activities while also enriching my own, well-read, knowledgeable, and master of computer application skills must be sufficient to meet operational needs.
I believe I have honed four-year university to become a moral hammering upright, strong-willed, smart thinkingWedding Cakes Decoration Ideas, Chuluanbujing have high ideals and lofty aspirations, with the entrepreneurial spirit and excellent teamwork of the students. I believe I possess the knowledge and their capabilities can cope with any difficult task.I am a diligent study, there is a strong resilience and well integrated with the organization and communication Five Great Wedding Themes , warm and lively, serious person, but I do not have enough experience, need to continue to grow in the learningI have engaged in nearly nine years of customer service management experience, including 2-year part-time administrative work, has an excellent sense of service, discreet and carefully, and love working with people, good customer service and call center management practical operation; to optimize business public relations. to enhance customer loyalty and corporate reputation.I am cheerful enthusiasmPerfect Wedding Table Center, language ability, good communication, Modern Ocean Motif good team spirit. Learning ability. University served as class group secretary, community officers, Asian Paralympic venues, volunteers, 2010 session of the new assistant teacher, University City, Association, president of the exchange students and so on. Past summer, a company in Shenzhen had been a clerk of the two-month internship and restaurant waiter. Done a variety of part-time during college, including cheese, magazines, and herbal tea promotion, have been in the restaurant waiter. I am confident I can I have contacted each work earnestly! Three Inspiring Wedding Ideas

Monday, July 12, 2010

multi tasking and time management skills

?The ability to work reliably and responsibly, with initiative and drive.
?Strong interpersonal skill and ability to work effectively in a team based lacoste polo shirts
?Fast learning ability, multi tasking and time management skills.
?Highly self-motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated to work.
Career Objective:
To build up the career in a renowned and promising organization, where have an excellent career development prospect and cheap prom dressa challenging environment. I believe that hard work, strict discipline, good communication and creative problem solving skills are the cornerstone of success.
9 years IT work Experience. 6 Years ERP work Experience, with good technical background.
Specializing In EBS Manufacturing Modules.
CPIM (APICS) Certification.
With Functional skill in INV, BOM, Engineer, OM, PO, ENG, WIP, MRP and PDH (MDM).
Involved in varied business processes implementation of some fortune 500 companies. Quick learning, Work Ethic and Drive to Succeed.
Career Objective:prom dresses
Available for new opportunity ofpolo shirts Oracle Application Functional Analysis, Design, Implementation and Support in challenging environment.prom dressBelieve in god
Moonlight shadow

International Trade management

self-confident, honest,good communication skills and team leadship, willing to work under great pressure.
Familiar with ERP system with Scala, Mapics, JDE, MFG/PRO and AS400 query. A bi-lingual / bi-culture education and business background
13-years of Supply Chain /lacoste polo shirts Logistics / Purchasing / International Trade management experience in China and US,
Nature of continuous improvement in achieving the total best cost and improve operation efficiency;ed hardy hoodies
Strong team-building and work management capability
Strong analytical and quantitative-driven problem-solving skills in a big-picture way;
Strong communication skills and open to ideas;
Career Objective:
With 13-years of experience in management of every aspect and overall operation of outsourcing in both US and China, I'd like topolo shirts take full responsibility for the overall operation of a outsourcinged hardy trousers, trading or operation compnayed hardy underwear/office of a US or EU compnay with outstanding performance in its home country.disease

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Morgan Stanley Investigated Over Mortgage Securities, WSJ Says

Morgan Stanley is being probed by U.S. federal prosecutors over allegations it misled investors about mortgage derivatives, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter that it didn’t identify.
Investments known as collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs, backed by home loans, were arranged and sold by Morgan Stanley even as its trading desk would sometimes bet that their value would fall, the newspaper said, citing traders. The investigation is reviewing whether Morgan Stanley clearly represented its roles, the WSJ said.The probe, which is at a preliminary stage, marks deepening scrutiny of Wall Street firms by U.S. regulators following the global financial crisis, the Journal said. Rival Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is contesting a fraud lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which alleges the firm misled investors about a mortgage-linked security in 2007.
“We have not been contacted by the Justice Department about the transactions being raised by the Wall Street Journal, and we have no knowledge of a Justice Department investigation into these transactions,” Morgan Stanley spokesman Nick Footitt said in an e-mail to Bloomberg News.
Spokespeople for the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office and the SEC declined to comment, the Journal said.
The probe stemmed from an ongoing civil-fraud investigation of more than a dozen Wall Street firms’ mortgage bond businesses by the SEC that began in 2009, the newspaper said. The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office is now conducting a criminal probe into some of those firms’ activities, it said.
Criminal Investigations
The government frequently begins criminal investigations without filing charges, the Journal said. In bringing criminal charges, the government would need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the firm or its employees misled investors, it said.
Two of the transactions being probed were named after U.S. Presidents James Buchanan and Andrew Jackson, and were called the “Dead Presidents” deals by traders, the WSJ said, citing a person familiar with the matter. Morgan Stanley arranged and bet against the deals, and didn’t market them to clients, it said.
The firm made money on the two transactions, though it lost $9 billion on mortgage-related investments in 2007, the newspaper said. Morgan Stanley wasn’t among the biggest firms in the CDO market, it said. life is a joke
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3 plead not guilty in deadly home invasion linked to internet ad

Three men accused of killing a Washington state man in a home invasion after the victim posted an internet ad were arraigned Monday, with all three pleading not guilty.
Clabon Terrel Bernaird, 23; Kiyoshi A. Higashi, 22; and Joshua N. Reese, 20, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder, robbery and assault, Pierce County, Washington, prosecutor Mark Lindquist said. If convicted, they face potential sentences of around 70 years in prison, Lindquist said.
A fourth suspect in the case, Amanda C. Knight, 21, pleaded not guilty to the same charges last week, Lindquist said. He added that the four defendants are each being held on $2 million bail at the Pierce County jail. Their next court appearance is scheduled for June 9.
The four are charged with killing James Sanders on April 28 after he and his wife posted an ad on the online classified ad site Craigslist offering a diamond ring for $1,050, Lindquist said.
Lindquist said the Sanders agreed to meet prospective buyers of the ring at their home in Edgewood, Washington, outside Tacoma.Video: Man killed after posting Internet ad
"Two people show up and act like a couple looking for a ring for the mother-in-law," Lindquist said. But once they entered the house, he said, the man posing as the husband pulled out a handgun.
The victim, his wife, and their sons, ages 14 and 10, were restrained with plastic handcuffs, Lindquist said. Two other suspects then entered the home. One pistol-whipped the older son, he said.
Sanders broke out of his restraints and attempted to efend the 14-year-old, and was shot three times, the prosecutor said. "While this is going on," Lindquist said, "other bad guys are kicking Mom in the head while she's lying on the floor."
Lindquist said of the slaying, "this is a cautionary tale."
"You hate to tell people to be wary of your fellow citizens, but the reality is you've got to be wary when you are doing something when interacting with strangers on Craigslist."in the sky
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